Statement of intent.

Working with painting, photography, installation, video and realize what my artwork from my daily experience, my memories and my background in painting. The materials I use to make my works are usually of industrial origin, meshes of different composition, stainless steel, fiberglass, nickel, nylon, brass.

These meshes have reticular geometric structures on their surface harboring repeat motif and organize the space with your particular setup, giving it a great rhythmic content. Repetition is sometimes suggested slightly due to the manipulation of these tissues and the addition of other materials such as paint and paper. When I use the image source code itself, I do it in different ways, sometimes as something ornamental, sometimes as if it were an unintelligible handwriting with a secret deciphering and simply as a resource rather than offering me digital.

Sorry penchant for monochrome, ephemeral art, poetry, music, industrial materials, geometry, intersection points and grids, things that influence and are used to a greater or lesser extent in all my works.