March 25, 2000/38 ABC CULTURAL

Other Ways  C. Pallarés

Works of Eduardo Bonati, Pablo Marquez, Pablo Peinado, Luisa Rojo and Antonia Valero on exhibit titled A otherwise. This name reminds us to Michel Tapie and his An art another, appeared in the fifties and where to Dada enthroned as first true great revolution in the history of Western art, revolution, among other things, and not pursuing traditional notions balance, rhythm, composition, order and structure, and in terms of materials and materials opened the can of worms. In this exhibition, the gallery has assembled Pi i Margall works of artists who, to a greater or lesser extent, would other works, and would otherwise, without that and without that Dada is an art another.

Among the innumerable possibilities offer breakthrough, Marquez and Red kept both orders compositional and representational systems to be interested, through his works full of mixed media and interdisciplinarity, in trouble, and perplexities memories sprung to life, over and death, social realities and the phantasmagoria of desires.

The major roles of Paul Marquez, painter vitally mature and culturally open, know intensify the drama without falling into pathos; Luisa Rojo photographs, photographs of frames that are copies of copies, without words raise questions that demand answers with facts .

Eduardo works Bonati, Antonia Valero and Pablo Peinado us back to private magic, shadows and lights are a meaningful game, true dreams, sensations easily betray its passage if they suffer discursive thoughts.

Private magic in the Valero case sensitive body take in their nets, designed to use surprising and certainly wise gradually, in Bonati lines which, when incorporated into real space, with the presence of objects and paths as free as frozen integrate with all packaging in a right and otherwise, and an oversized cellular world, which refers to the use and abuse of organic matters, hairstyle, achieved by silicone, latex and various plastics.