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When Leonardo da Vinci, referring to the painting, said it was a mental issue, was definitely in front of a

painting by a child.

In contemplating the paintings done by them, we wonder if they actually see his eyes or see to the brain.

Visual communication that convey their amazing, fantastic and individual world surrounds us with tenderness

and aesthetic emotion, leaving a trail etched in our minds is difficult to classify, and more difficult to explain,

as children build what they watch and transform it into own world.

Looking at the job they do of color, form, and space allocation, notice your thoughts and emotions, located in

the space of the painting as naturally and powerfully, and as in that wonderful mix of images and emotions

specific to each child, the picture is resolved in all its purity and richness.

My heartiest congratulations for this testimony of life, so rich and varied, and your ability to move us and

change the world in a thousand worlds.