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From line and geometry used to establish their grids. Canogar Diego presents, in this solo show to The Art Gayo, pieces of corrugated

iron shells or skeletons mode whose presence takes on a new organicity within his usual aesthetic language.

In the construction of large rock pieces like rock air, and cropolito, see echoes of earlier works. But somewhere in the footsteps of

uninhabited. Lifes exceeding merely formal appearance, and claim necessarily our closer look. Objects humble, unprotected with the

hidden value of the useless but necessary.

And so, the whisper of urban music, Diego monitors cutting and articulates how a browser that raises the notion of space as an

industrial landscape.

Intimate parts of apparent fragility. But fossilized skeletons, and petrified, where other beings inhabited. As Diego collects stones in their

walk and collect in the study.

A personal universe set on one side with the heaviness of the pieces and determine the space assumed, faithful to the concept of

sculpture. Moreover the way that gives them the treatment of the material and of the struggle that the artist holds in his constant quest

for combining concepts. By finding other ways tells us «transgress geometry».

Thus we describe some land and accidents where the lines break and form angles. Some maps hardware and half rock and mountain

crossings on the way down, and we discover the artist is in a unique place. A middle ground that lies between feeling and reason, where

earth and fire come together to transform matter in unique ways and seeking essentially combine dialogue beyond time.