Mercedes Replinger

(…) Possession is already a term that puts us on alert about the difficulties of adopting the features, take on the face of others as immediate access to the understanding of the other. For our culture does not have absolute control of the own face is always a sign of stupidity or lack of autonomy; rejection metamorphosis process mimics, gestures involved. So in many cultures face restricts freedom should not transparent emotions, thoughts that agitate within the individual, the deeper reason for this approach is the constant demand for autonomy of man. No one is allowed to enter another. The man must force himself to stay the same … it is the influence of a man on the other that encourages endless, fleeting, metamorphosis 1. Where Imitation of gestures, the gesture is doomed socially there, too, reject the process, strategies that assume the other’s face as a reference. Facing metamorphosis masks only found impenetrable, rigid, marking the insurmountable distance looking. Undo a face, as Deleuze says, is not easy. One possibility, perhaps, is in the process of deterritorialization, find a new use that does not involve face or animal regression romantic spin to be primitive, but rhizomatic construction penetrates and breaks the horizontal features impenetrable character and subjectivity itself: only in the black hole of consciousness and subjective passion can discover the captured particles, altered, transformed to be relaunch for a living love, not subjective, in which each is connected with the other unknown spaces without entering them and conquer, in which the lines are made up as two broken lines. In the dark depths of this installation boxes, which present only a specific opening angle, the outline of the face is broken in multiple directions confused images and reflexes, making it impossible to distinguish who it belongs to each of the faces, or if these are made from one or several overlapping. No hint of subjectivity, no reference for isolated recognition. Perhaps, then, at last we are able to not look at the face of the other.

That is, to paraphrase Levinas 3 may be able to access the other’s face ethics that does not pass through the perception that inevitably ends up turning the other into an object. Broken mirror, says Antonia Valero exhibit is a reflection fragmented and permanent crossing the boundaries between bodies and the speeches of the other. An infinite series of faces distorted and indistinct, freed of the traits that held, joined now by the direction of the crossing. Therefore, these cases do not have a specific number, length depends only on the extension of travel. Suitcase Boxes, as mobile as the very process of metamorphosis of faces: bags that allow another way of seeing, reflections of reflections, in a medium that is always moving. Faced with the normalization of space, reduced the strange and alien to places of exclusion and apartheid ghetto, some bags as portable homes multicultural society where that might be able to find common ground. The house is the gathering of the same in their own rite / But :/ own intimate open, not closed! The interiority that no longer opening interiority / intimacy: / what hospitality opens 4 (…)

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