ABC of work artes.1996  Works


The Gayo Art

Justiniano, 14 Madrid

Until April 30

This is a unique exhibition, both for their mistakes as their successes. Also for the procedure, terms and language used: coating the support with setting screens and works through screens and its own «accidents» and by the flashes of color and composition protect the nets. Among the mistakes I point over a single occurrence; assembly after glass, and excessive leeway when it comes to the selection. Among the successes, the extreme sensitivity of the works; Smart ellipses created between works and titles; Valero’s ability to promote and take advantage of the chance; and their ability to create us the desire to follow in his footsteps and calibrate their frutos.- CP


THE POINT OF THE ARTS 22 to 28 March de 1996/9 MADRID

Traces of a dream, the work of Antonia Valero.   Works


The Gayo Art. Justiniano, April 14.)

The organic and the geometric reveal an order that reaches the senses to be causal tissue boundless imagination. Hence the work of Antonia Valero assume minimalist principles to achieve full decoration of sense. Since the mesh size animating texture to the game of factors, gathered, broken and interrelationships, the tones of a dense network as a figurative intensities in which no lack of erotic spark that opens and life experiences are abbreviated. Antonia Valero stated in the Art Gallery El Gayo one set of embodiments making gestures or thoughts, it indicates the surface of the deep something in every circumstance and proposes new horizon creative restlessness.

It is matter; It is engaging fantasy and intellect interpreted through the taste and skill when substance found in paint to tap the silence, to fill gaps and achieve the transcendent. And so it comes to consider «plain» or «paths» through which transit can, or generate the spark that will be called in humanity; «Portals» through which to enter; «Cadences» in the beating heart rhythms. Antonia Valero is an artist formed in the determination and the assumption of its own challenges, tenacious knowledge, incisive treatment to achieve the minimum have representation and input sensitivity concert. He learned techniques in schools, entered the circle of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense where he teaches, and remains in action without losing the chord.

Fabrics, mesh, painting, skill and significance to the put breath. The professor and painter Antonio Zarco is «rooted in the Baroque starting point»; It is that the work aims delicacy and subtlety becomes. He notes that «the tensions appear in his atirantamientos, in its almost tears: the mystery is in its suggestive knots in their lumps in their pre-realities. Only rich in content targeted work, stripped of all unnecessary rhetoric (which does not ban the use of a very measured and thoughtful language), with a sharp and refined chromaticism full. »

CULTURE / ART. 57 FRIDAY 26 APRIL 1996 /    Works

The suggestion Antonia Valero


Endless adjectives could apply the art of Antonia Valero. They are suggestions that involve feelings, feelings, attitudes, trends … From the texture, all in the art of Antonia Valero is a subordinate clause. It is an invitation to the silence to hear the sound of things; to caress, to touch, to touch. Valero evokes the nostalgic life and passes through without being disturbed dreams, without stirring, without breaking the harmony. The transition from warm to cold v of the intimate to the surface is common in his paintings now on display in the Art Gallery El Gayo (Justinian. 14) and refer to things in language that is to be revealed. Until the end of April.