Ruggero Maggi

The dripped from a tap, the jagged line of a coast, the beat of our heart, in the form of a cloud … phenomena have always been considered different aspects of a single complexo universe, the Chaos!

To understand the nature of complexita been necessary to start thinking of it as cualcosa it was not just random or accidental. Clouds are not spheres, likes to say Benoit Mandelbrot atudio pioneer of chaos. The mountains are not cones, lightning does not propagate in a linear fashion. The geometry frattala rispechia a world that is profondamentre irregular, non-round, rough not smooth. And ‘the geometry of the holes in, the twisted, tangled and twisted. The chaos reduces the global nature of the connective tissue in one, as both Intricado, fracctale system.

Everything is always statu «warned» by the artist intuitively: the picturesque landscapes of China plunged into a total turbulence (clouds, mountains profiles, plant forms … in the porporzioniricorrenti precise geometrical scales of several monument of antiquity and even of our day, Van Gogh and his swirling flows of energy that lap and wrap every contour, the «manic» geometry of Escher …

Today ¡nvece I’artista and conscious delta Art Chaotic infinite possibility that, through their own means of expression – frattid; attrattor; strange turbulence – «blend» expertly self-similarity and dissonance, making co-exist in the eternal contrast material component more crude with the spirit of Zen, the linearity and repetitive geometric drawn in the sand with I’elevarsi improvisso roughness by the sharp rocks.

A cosmic garden fracctale, microcosm and emblem of the entire universe with iI just wonderful and sometimes almost indecipherable CHAOS.