In the bottom of the box where the surface seems to end and the horizon is allied with the fog, a ship and a city can love. Can love as two dancing bodies or like two lovers who indulge passion desperately one last hug. In this dance to engage the ship and the city, intimate, heartbreaking, stormy, and gestural. The marine and tango tour turns into a lament where the city comes to music and the majestic movement which evokes goodbye, handkerchiefs agitated in the morning on a remote and forgotten spring, the mirage of farewells and encounters that are part of the memory and the relentless dance of passing time. We are light and color in the slow tracking of real and imagined ways that art. The painting, become fruitful partnership invitation and desire.

In observing a live picture where the ship and the city, look unexpected questions and answers weaves beautiful and not always accurate. The surf look and wood tissues evicted, runs gouache and oil from the tar bulky and salinity magnanimous gives straying memories, looking figure that sails alone, adrift, the aqueous dysfunction shipwrecked bright or dumb pardamente shaken us in its desolation, and seeks the light that occurs in the planes, in the triumphant chiaroscuro comes after the terrible storm, after the storm has subsided and the sea appear before our eyes as a wonder still sage senescence.

Being steam or storm in the hands of the fiction that models and sets his covenant with the form and time exhorts us from oblivion. Loneliness dancing with the world in his sketch degraded and saved from the waters. Shipwrecked passengers, return lovers, travelers daring painting multiplies us and gives us other lives, other dreams, chances of the invention and drift. A city and a boat can truly love when someone paints his hidden and impossible love.

Josela Maturana

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