Alfredo Coll . Madrid 1985

Valero Tona remarkable success on his first adventure with color ; colors draping shapes with the exact same naturalness with which the dew point takes the essence of moisture every morning to the flowers of the park.

It seems impossible now, watch as their irrepressible force, so beautifully proportioned and prospects visited Venice canals may arise or any of a flower that expresses me a torrent of love and silence. No cheating or ugliness. Did not park flowers emerge with extreme simplicity each new year. So Toña envelops us a profile and created a field and transported to the papers with truly unique way that tends to synthesize his adorable animalism object or canal, flower or boat.

Still made me unnecessary words; useless otherwise only possible to express a meaning in art: contemplate and move us. There is a small part of our interior, arrested in uncertainties and reflected by an external truths .

Such is the case of Antonia Valero. Starting over . Surprise us again with his delicate pictorial work .