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The elements used to form the piece, are materials mainly for industrial use. Grids of different composition: stainless steel, fiberglass, nickel, brass. Like other elements of source and industrial. These meshes feature and geometric lattices, who host the repetition of the subject area, and organize the space with their particular configuration, giving this a great rhythmic content. Repetition sometimes suggested is only due to the manipulation of these tissues and the incorporation of other materials, such as paint and paper. The choice of these materials, the different qualities, the influence of light on them, hiding the light itself, and that flow, intersections of different light beams, and different treatments, is in itself an aesthetic work. The visual result is obtained, is the work of a transparent, orderly and clean. The grid formed by the different meshes, is used as a measure, within the plane, preparing a space ordered by vertical and horizontal lines, essentially beyond our sight, and expand, but rationalize space. Spaces are organized with great predominance vertical pursuing perfection and beauty through the use of industrial materials.


Conceptual values behind the works of art, are not accessible to any mind, never have been. The main objective behind the back of our existence, is to realize our thoughts into deeds. Paint will always space, time and thought translated into a language that seeks beauty plastic universally. The ideas are embodied in a cosmetic composition, which is no longer feeling the materials. In this way, the technique often complex and use of these materials is absorbed by the cosmetic composition. There is a precise moment in which unite the ideas and materials with the aesthetic composition having the work done. It is when it acquires its true meaning, and transcending place, space, time, and even the same thought. It then reveals own presence and entity. You have to pay back our dreams, determination, and remove the dead land, a thousand times if necessary, until new fruit, while being ground.


You need to create spaces different from the usual. With a state of mind, based on intuition rather deep. And make art genuinely emotional. Where would the intellect into the background. The artwork would be the product of a very deep feeling that would not reflect the events of each day, but would feed them. Freedom of choice for the creation of a work of art, must be directed to the constant search, and learning from our own daily existence. Only in this way, you can express the unspeakable contents of thought, the maximum content with minimal resources. This constant analysis of our consciousness, we will increasingly deeper insights, and establish the way forward for the art. The importance of the body, and sensuality, united to the spiritual, is what you should pursue every work. They must be able to convey emotions, because they are made by man for man. If this is so, the work would transcend death, not try to cancel it.


Sometimes the horizon becomes invisible, and space becomes hazy. Mesh screens are formed superposed. The lines intersecting to form vertical and horizontal. Our visual perception is mistaken. Where is the horizon? Suddenly everything rises. Tension occurs. We feel a strong impulse vertical, dynamic, very fast, given a boost by the spiritualization cleanly and infinite possibility of moving us up. It has established an equation: faster, more information, but what? From everything I imagined and not see but feel. It senses the moving feeling that time, and announces something else. «The Chinese poet Shen-HSO T’sen one afternoon, watching the calm blue sky, he felt uneasy. Himself confesses in his golden fan who knew, perhaps for the unusual movement of a bird prisoner, that something was going to happen in the extraordinary. then she says I told a celestial apparition of the poetic sense. To my left, in the rectangular hole in the window, I saw a cloud, a snow-white mass with a pearly sheen that seemed all her infinite sum of pearls from Japan. On the right, another cloud of the same characteristics appeared well. Both moved in the opposite direction as if a line were sought and being now in a slow journey-face to face-the beautiful white clouds merged into one. was at that moment I understood the value of the top and what transpired, and I realized that behind all the words there are other words that have a poetic sense so accurate that only death can unveil its mystery. »


The routes of the lines serving different moods for different jobs and we make of them, to draw our dreams, places, countries, cities, and feelings. These courses prepare us to new discoveries. Travel may have to sit still. You need to experience some degree of paralysis to be able to fly. It will always be everything and nothing. The light creates darkness. Binding of the night and the flame. The paths of life and death are the lines, are unknown. An adventure with income. The bottom line will never come, but we can always see the traces that are left through the journey. Footprints reveal man’s own sites. Our eyes will fill the gaps left by the conquest of science, giving way to other deeper values that return to primitive thought, a gesture, our own gesture, except as defined as rational, but able to specify a different image of the world . Although the line does not exist, we are always surrounded by them, and are able to translate our realities in symbols, and images of thought. The space occupied by the line are full of points of intersection, hybrids and hodgepodge. Are memory and future. They feel and experience. They are not always what they are. «But what is the opposite of a dream, Oh Fredo, if not another dream? .. A dream surveillance, produced by reason itself.» P. Valery.


The lines are traces left by the man in the passage from life to death. It is difficult to understand the meaning and direction to follow. Sometimes they appear in the most unexpected and fall between the cracks of the improbable. However, they are signs, as signs are being made in the almost imperceptible in shaping our lives. Lines are processual and dynamic sense something unfinished, as our identity always trying to recompose fragmented every day and desperately seeks his ego. It goes back to the past to find the remains of other tracks that no longer serve because they are out of the present time. You have to give birth to new faces questioning look towards the future. Human destiny is an adventure, an incessant buzz of the tangible to the intangible. And in the works of humans are the traces and gaps to testify to his existence, of his being and of his time outside of time. A process multiple times and spaces filled with lines made of advanced spirit uncertainties and realities. Lines can act as a weapon and as bearers of new thoughts that make us understand the fate of the man of our time. Lines drawn between feeling and reason, between dreams and vigils. Telltale Signs of a frenzy and motionless astonishment that support our bodies and our minds. Lines seeking the truth about man and the world. Moving toward unknown places full of light and shadow. «The figure of the shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to recognize and yet continuously, directly or indirectly imposed on it.» C. G. Jung.

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