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Antonio Zarco

Some time ago I wrote a few lines to present a group of works by Antonia Valero. They were his first ideas and decidedly aimed at an unrepresentative world works , where it was the germinal element lattice , defined as the boundary between inside and outside it , between the ascetic and emotional, between the intimate and the other. Physically, it was mesh, usually metal .

Some of those words of mine could still be used now , but those steps have already openly become a walking staff , which Toña moves with the ease of someone used that has created » ex novo » and with the excitement of continuous progress in meeting in the discovery , we should not forget that you only find what you are looking for. Now, she travels the world with no apparent effort , without unnecessary gestures; in his current work there is nothing even remotely be a fuss . Dive into an inner world of tactile sensations , chromatic , spatial, has enriched his private office in the same extent that the rigor that was already in the sample to which I allude to the beginning of these words has maintained its presence and hierarchy. A world rich in suggestions , hints , quasipresencias , appears to us to afantasmado . Far from any narrative, it connects us to the more subtle , imaginative and plastic desrealizadas categories. The root of this position is in a kind of joyful , sensual and sensitive solitude , who has not cut his umbilical cord with the mystics of our baroque better .

If we look and see ( different things ) , perceive that the language has become more intimate, more vivid , almost visceral – psychic ( can we talk about the guts of the soul? ) That formal , chromatic , tactile signs belong to the lineage of the recesses of the secret, what destined for our own use and not transferable : finest fabrics , sometimes almost impalpable , folds , transparencies, faintest shadows, diffuse luminosities ; a cast of «useful» mental and sensory at first sight lead us directly to an almost erotic femíneo world ( again mystics ? ) .

But as almost always happens in Art, «first view » trick , plugged, watch . Must you uncover (and never said more chance ) work with looks and successive views . As is natural for Art , which looks at first sight, cover what » must see » . Under that delicate , very subtle look, there is an intention and strong visual presence , determined , highly hierarchical and ordered .

Its baroque root is the starting point , in the basement of the box ; is the sine qua non , it is your matrix.

The development and growth of such baroque root, in the work already done , results in in which malleable mixture Baroque , the ductile sensual intersect with the rigor of the frontal , with the serenity of the symmetrical , with weighting of the spatial structure , the quintessential color, in a voice that is double flame veiled prisoner in her own fire, on the one hand and the opposite order is pugnacious , very tense silence, way to burst . Tensions appear in their atirantamientos , in its almost tears : the most suggestive mystery is in the knots , their bulges in their pre – realities. Rich in content targeted just work, stripped of all unnecessary rhetoric (which does not ban the use of a very measured and thoughtful language ) , with a sharp chromaticism and tuned to the max.

Antonia Valero gives these works decisive steps towards full possession of their world and to the total dominance of their language. Know what you want , and know how is achieved. Not easy work for public hasty , almost deaf hard of hearing screams. Here no yelling , violence is not used to retain or vulgarity to be intimate with us. Here we have chosen the path that leads away from the madding crowd . John of the Cross knew of these underground delights, these little -traveled roads . Roads difficult for common people , sweetly difficult for others, among which are Antonia , you and me.