Face up and blue sky.

Something rubs me slightly. I see nothing.

I hear a murmur. Beating of wings. I see nothing.

I keep thinking of the fifteen. What separated.

One plus five equals six.

That perfection.

Your presence touches me. I see nothing.

Emerge five. I cling to it. Keeps my senses alert.

Noto mild and constant friction. I see nothing.

I think one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one equals six or three plus three equals six and one

plus two plus three equals six.

That perfection.

I lose track of time.

Ambivalence and balance.

More beating wings. I see nothing.

The horizon line is invisible.

The space becomes hazy.

Suddenly everything rises …

The infinite possibility of movement raises me.

The wind would remember.

I sent one day instead dwelt.

I showed your fingerprints, your essence, your perfume …

You came back to stay …

You came back and everything inundaste.