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Aitor Zubillaga presents this time the interior lights parts I, II and III, created with materials collected in your

environment, then cleverly mixed with castings.

Wood and bronze works above acquire deeper meanings of value and intensity with unsuspected nuances

that highlight the extremes, attract our attention and evoke many memories.

Zubillaga mixing timber wisely found, marked by time and rudimentary in their former glory with the forms in

bronze, worked, polished and strung as murmurs thresholds that keep the secret, the relentless pursuit of

beauty, expression emotions found in seemingly simple things.

In interior lights must attend to the essence, I mean, not only is the external form of works, but of the

relationship established by these forms to each other, their dialogue, pace and intensity of the chromatic

melody whispering different materials.

One can say that in the space of the mixture lies its attraction, its value, its sound and that among them is

the likelihood of their existence and the central axis of these lights emanating from within.