Francisca Ramirez

The artist Antonia Valero has moved his last works , a total of 40 frames – the Circle of Art Toledo, where they will remain until their exposure on 14th October. The work in mixing the organic and the geometric, minimalist postulates reached , in which the painter approaches us his experiences and his life.

Fabric , mesh , painting and skill are interspersed in the work of this woman who prefers silence to express his concept of things. Valero evokes the nostalgic life and travels through dreams undisturbed . The explanatory Toledo all concerns in a way and a style of thinking about art are present. For something is common in his paintings move from the warm to cold and from the intimate to the surface . Antonia Valero was formed through their own experiences and a long apprenticeship in art schools and in the circle of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense which continues to investigate .

The painter with these pictures takes a decisive step towards the full possession of his world and to the total dominance of their language. Can interpret his art and tries to transmit to the public.

Now through mid- October we have the chance to find a little common Toledo novel work in artistic circles .