Ana Serrano

I have in your hands, not if I have purchased or if I am a gift, but I’m going to browse for a catalog, I am much more modest than that so nice that Velazquez did years ago, for a long time, tables out in the living rooms of all decorating magazines, I’m much more modest, but I’m more than a catalog. I am the result of the titanic effort for a long time, have made a lot of people.

In Spain, there is a ruling, democratically elected, he decided, without consulting their voters that they had not given their vote for that, work with a war that would declare the most powerful country on earth to one of the poorest and oppressed, with no excuses I know, and a group of actors, playing the type, in the delivery of major awards granted to their work, Goya, decided, as one man, making a plea act firmly against war. That allegation was recorded on state television and seen by millions of people sitting in their homes by angry protesters collaboration with the war, but did not know to do to show their anger. Thus began my story, slowly, step by step. These same actors, they went to Congress a few days later, but warned before and, very tentatively, the few people who knew what was going to happen, they went to support them. Toso you this story, you know, I say focus on my story, but you do not know or not in great detail, is that this group of actors, joined writers, musicians (and other light), architects , film directors, cameras, writers, clowns, dancers, painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, and created, in short, the platform of «Culture against war.»

This group of wonderful people who have put their time, their talent and their savings to try to prevent this war, the war, worked from sunrise to sunset, have made stickers, t-shirts, banners, pennants, calls, writings. Signatures were collected and delivered, called for demonstrations, met have made order and infinite support. They have not stopped, finally, but war broke out and they have followed without silent protest. It has been very difficult. It appears that 90% of people did not want war, but if he wanted who could stop it and got into it, who rules the country as in the old days and do not support replication.

Now you need money, money for the crippled, for orphans, for those who amputate the wreck that takes the place of his leg with all anesthesia aspirin. And the good people, the energetic people who have struggled rate, have decided a greater effort and, if possible together. Who better for that than an exhibition of the works of everyone, make music all actors act and dance and dancers and clowns make you laugh. It was a beautiful project and had to do a catalog, also to raise funds and to collaborate writers. Strenuously sought a dignified and large which accommodated everyone and not found. «We did not go into politics», «we have no free periods», in short, do not want to risk it.

Do not do the show?, If we go. We’ll get to the street art and, again, the efforts of all. Have requested, have achieved plinths for sculptures, panels for pictures, texts for me, paintings, sculptures, engravings, musicians. Now plenty of everything and everyone gives their part to send wherever most needed.

Someone pays mine, someone very important has designed me, hold my artwork and texts and a thousand things, also very, very important and I will sell to pay other disasters that have occurred. Do not tell me that I’m more than just a catalog.

I will now leave the nice lady who gave me your site to me (rare) to introduce, but not before telling, I appreciate the detail.

The catalog

On April 26, 2003, on the esplanade in front of the Museo Reina Sofia, by the terror of the heads of state and non-state rooms and beautiful we have in Madrid and outdoors, 12 to 24, it will to produce all that announces the catalog above, somewhat vain, but vanity fair, so I’ve left my room for him, he deserves it, it’s true. Its creation has been the product of tenacity, of the stubbornness of all those responsible for the magnificent spectacle that will attend and they can collaborate. May be paintings, sculptures, prints, photos, street names and knowing also that it will have paid for them to correct what megalomaniacal madmen have occurred and we all see every morning in our newspaper without knowing what to do with a terrible feeling of helplessness.

The act of 26, achieved with an effort that we can not explain, and it will be another cry more against arrogance, against dictatorship, against, well, war.

Only two more prayers. If they can not be a work of art, Take along the catalog and, above all, when they have to vote, in one of those radiant mornings democratic party that we will exercise one of our finest citizens rights, please remember, no forget all that has happened and look at their catalog.

Foreword AVAM

Association of Artists of Madrid

When the Platform Against War Culture contacted us and asked us to perform an exhibition collaboration of artists against the war, just wanted to join in the proposal. We suggest that in addition to the original works that different creators sent to the platform, it assumed the commitment to expand and plotting digitized images that artists do for the occasion, for which we make an open call and different.

It has been our intention to express the rejection of all wars and the spread of the so-called theory of zero tolerance not only with the assignment of a work of art. Never in our worst nightmares could imagine that the concept of globalization in its most sinister mean this is happening now, and that that theory – which is one of the bases in the governments who hide attackers to launch his political global expansionism – spread around the planet with a speed and force that we ever thought.

This idea that we decided to call «plotted against the war» would include both artists who normally work in the area of ​​what we might call «social art» and those others who have felt the need to adapt their modus operandi in response when exception in which we have involved without any consultation.

In the same way we hope this initiative impinges on the idea, shared by all, that culture is not, as in recent times have us communicate, an exercise in entertainment but a way of knowledge expression and criticism, which is necessary to cope with the present democratic guarantees that we are living and that is mortgage the future for all.

We appreciate the efforts of all who have chosen to participate in this initiative.

Safety: a social model. Excerpt from essay published originally in Joan Fontcuberta, Securitas, Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, 2001.

Jorge Luis Marzo

(…) The U.S. is the country that has the most prisoners in the world relative to its population (1,700,000) is the country that has more sentenced to death (3500), is a country in the world, next to Saudi Arabia , Syria, and Iran executes more prisoners than it is the only country in the Western world that systematically applied torture in its prisons, is the only country in the Western world that refuses to the creation of an international tribunal for war crimes, is the only country in the Western world that flatly rejects the application of the Kyoto Treaty to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (when it produces one third of global thereof), is the only country in the world to ring satellite communications of all other countries, it is the state of the world more communications involved policing its citizens is the country with veto power in the Security Council of the UN exerts most times it is the country that most interventions direct military has carried out about other countries during the twentieth century and is the country with the highest rate of illiteracy of the West, etc.., etc..

It is numbing to see how a character apparent neo-fascist policies are able to camouflage reality especially through technology, media and economic impact that globalization has brought her. Given the global economic momentum generated by technologies originally developed in the U.S., they have been able to create a shield immense political and moral as a way of strengthening its international leadership, always protected by military might. The concept of security in the U.S. is simply military and police, especially since the financial boom of new technologies has led to criminalize poverty and perhaps not ever given at another time or in another part of the world.

That evil influence American reading of «national security» has legitimized internationally understanding of secrecy and lies as forms of power and widely agreed fully operational, political, economic and socially. The U.S. is a fundamentalist and fundamentalist country in terms of security, a sense of security that engulfs everything else: police political market attitudes of the vast majority of media corporations behave industrial and military style, in their languages , shapes and threats, kidnapping coming (with the usual monopolistic practices), Al blackmail (forcing governments in many countries to swallow large toads just to get a factory installed in them), and even direct participation in military operations (ATT, ITT, Westinghouse, General Electric, IBM, Coca-Cola, CNN, Monsanto, plus all scientific universities … many with lucrative military contracts or agreements). These behaviors are not just specific to the U.S., but are being defended also within many other countries …