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April 27 to May 3 de 2001/9

White on white A. Valero and A. Artero


«I’ve broken the blue ties and limits of color. Dive into white and nothing in his infinite » K. Malevich .

White is one of the great contradictions , not only of art but of perception in general. A color , looking empty , exemplifies the fullest ; sunlight pure , instead of giving us heat , may also freeze ; the color that is not physically the union of all the colors. For further course opposite to black .

Have joined the two of us but not contemporary works and certainly made ​​with different spirits , to show that although he broke a lance for the white was Malevich in 1918 , is an expression that is still in force .

Antonio Artero film was «no shot » as their record says , in 1969. Continuous projection of light on the screen where you can dive to find what it is that has not been run .

The very Antonia Valero gives the origin of this series of works . «Blank moments , like years ago , a woman on the balcony all wrapped in white blanket .»

Cloth, gauze, objects are coated with a breath : When you are inside the room everything becomes fragile , I associate the white ice cream, but solid objects with your new coverage seem fluxes. As if pure light reflections it were , as if the screen was acquiring different formats throughout the screening.

Antonia Valero ‘s works invite us to look for his body , the textures in the fabrics , the volume objects , games that formulated the shadows as opposed to chromatic purity.

A. Artero and A. Valero were united by chance, the friendship between them for years. The result is a space that felt plastic and theoretically charged when we contemplate . In the catalog F. Castro Flórez says » Inhabiting those empty spaces , introduces in these rare forms of plastic loneliness, requires firm determination and , above all, the ability to listen , beyond the great noise of the world and the poetic » .

20 BABELIA . COUNTRY , April 28, 2001

WHITE, UTOPIA work  obra






In 1969 , Antonio Artero , like an active member of the Situationist International did a film detournement in which, regardless of the film, the white light projected on the white screen . The meaning of this wink , which referred to the revolutionary attitude of Kasimir Malevich ‘s White on White , now lost. But there is always a glimmer of hope , or at least of nostalgia ; from her, Antonia Valero seeks to recover both the gesture and the spirit Artero enclosing , for which immerses the gallery space in a world in which the domestic objects are white, as if viewers could from scratch. But this is , again , Utopia . / JM

NOTE Look at the interest shown by calling Javier Maderuelo household objects to works of the exhibition. work


ABC Cultural / 31/ 19-5-2001.

BLANK.  Carmen Pallares.

A. Valero and A. Artero Gallery Pi i Margal . Madrid C / Augusto Figueroa, 9 to 31 May. From 30,000 to 450,000 pesetas.

WHEN dealing with contemporary art , we do an art border , browser limits. And limits are in color , the standards called achromatic . In the art of our time, the white and black are frequently used as mere supports for the deployment of the always superficial and misleading speech ; other times , they are used as a substance of eloquence. If you know you are using , an artist who decided to focus its work on the white has to show his courage , clarity of ideas and forms , materials, dimensions and locations that define the context of their work. And it is remarkable in contemporary art the number of those who dare . In just a few weeks are meeting in Madrid two exhibitions centered on white : in the collective of the Telefónica Foundation and individual Pi of the Gallery ; and also, Raquel Ponce and Belarde 20 , part of the above are also repertoires and white .

Malevich who was at the time reflected this reminder. Recall also that the classical precision Latinos had specific names for multiple sensations of white and have amazed our insecurity and lack of differentiation , let alone and immersed in that transmuted earth nuances that displays dozens of Eskimo peoples.

But let us refer to what is in this sample of Antonia Valero , which contained an intervention, also border due to Antonio Artero : a projection of continuous light. Tissues , gums , rubber, wire, etc. In all the works in this collection , the black and the materials that reflect the importance given hand . wrap , enhance and paint works, delineate their formats and define their dimensions. Are the limits of a domain in which emotionality of the bill is disappearing, and that purpose is precisely what most affective .

Valero gets here what you want, with harmony of shapes and

«IN all works

in this collection ,

white and materials that reflect

shake hands in importance ‘

equilibrium concepts , with thoughtful subtlety. The limited space for projection prevents further deployment gallery of works , which I personally regret . The artist’s interest in exploring tensions, transparency and random geometries is not a mere formality , but the outcrop as art experiences and ideas with experienced depth. Exposure after exposure , quality and eloquence of Valero ‘s works that have only improved. White on White This seems a good example of this.

 The exhibition consisted of thirty- two works by Antonia Valero and the film » not out » of Antonio Artero White on white . Four hundred fifty catalogs with original drawing, in each of them, Antonia Valero were published .