White moment as a woman on the balcony all wrapped in a white blanket for years . A large pale face and deep brown eyes , full of water , staring helplessly at a three year old girl . The suspended time and white , just a slight smile, a hand gesture , almost imperceptible.

The very white clothes planchadísima , whitish water with starch . The white embossed embroidery and hemstitch perfect piercing linen fabric . Geometries marked in white. Secrets that only they knew , hidden alphabets, cross stitches , which were washed and tucked in bleach to remove stains to leave again immaculate .

The clothes were put to soak, such as chickpeas , to soften , and white tallow soap and soda rubbed on it by repeatedly dropping a foam monkey pussy enturbiándolas color stained the waters.

Solar , white , blinding light. Put to whiten fabrics . And tendales white linen drying outside.

Large closets full of white folds and between white mothballs .

Whole trunks of clothes, tucked in white covers , preserved with scented mothballs .

The white room , white bed , white initials and white glass.

The dry, cold air was also white all joined for a moment in a cosmic logic of the universe that surrounded me and I was carrying a deep and absolute safety of great moment .

I can not help but remember the times of the white hospital. The amount of hand- folded gauze thoroughly and mechanically . Great alargadísimas stays white beds occupied by both sides , with the corners at right angles possessed an undeniable sculptural beauty , very difficult to describe . The light from the large windows filtered through the white curtains and white blended with all that was there . When the curtains were spread , the space was flooded with a milky light that filled the rooms. The space enveloped my body , my senses and disturbed white smell caused me endless grief, a supportive state of total surrender to all, a detachment and concern for all beings that populate the universe . In those moments , all white world belonged to me .

And the autoclave with sliding white fumes in moist threads on the white tiled wall , stifling stay white , blurring all profiles that were there. I recognize myself in that nebula , in those special and unique sheer white that bring distant loved me I’ll never see .

Later time stopped four times in an existential white. All moods, my flesh and my whole soul moments were a huge white light white value .

Experiences of a libertarian white where you can just be and just is not anyone or anything to remedy it . White extreme situation of great intensity. Again all white. Minutes arrested , detained for me and what was coming.

White Happiness . Another woman wrapped in white , this time to light , full of fear and hope white . The pain does not hurt either white , is not as intense as happiness, then forgotten . And that target disappears when the paroxysm ceases .

When I close my eyes, at times, other targets of different intensity are linked in some way to the first white days, or at least make me remember .