amado mío

Journal of Pozuelo. Jesus Gironés journalist . Responsible Exhibition The Forum Pozuelo.

Pozuelo de Alarcón. October 2009

I did not had time to buy snuff , but I did not care , because I had no money and also sure that in the opening of The Forum Antonia Valero in getting any cigarettes . I arrived with tongue out , and I thought that my withdrawal I was wrong and went into an old church. Olmi remembered film , «Legend of the Holy Drinker » , and saw me as a smoker , kindhearted yet , hallucinating … But no, even candles and cande was melted to the beat of Pink Martini.

Antonia Valero has joined two worlds may seem contradictory , but that dialogue in exposure. A baroque side reflecting Catholic imagery : the cross, icons, velvet cushions , a Bible in his stand , votive offerings in wax and ceramic : hand, arm , heart , leg, stomach , tongue, lips , eyes … On the other his mystical work, inspired by San Juan and Santa Teresa , in the place of painting industrial fabrica occupy playing with light and reflections .

In my Beloved, Antonia Valero does not stop to reflect on the pain and prayer , of love and art. The irony is subte , such as lycra used in any of his sensual paintings while feelings emerge .

Thread Ideas rapidly as an imaginary rosary litany of images that are born, grow and change. A cocktail in which also fit operating rooms , anesthesia , hospitals , videos , Carmen Pallares, Jose Maria Parreno, Juan Carlos Rubio, Antonio Zarco , walks on the beach. A bit like drinking a booking ron Gilda seven years while stroking a rosary and pray we do not know whether or reviews achievements , dreams and labors. We do not know if the next image instead of Rita Hayworth Gilda going to be sisters with corrosive humor Vazquez .
Antonia Valero gets part of his past , and no shortage of gloves , white kid . I do not know if their prayers have been met, and to what extent . But I imagine perfectly dancing a bolero with Truman Capote, while intense , he ‘s telling stories.