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Declaración de intenciones. Trabajo con pintura, fotografía, instalación y vídeo y mi trabajo artístico lo realizo a partir de mi experiencia cotidiana, de mis recuerdos y de mi formación en pintura. Los materiales que utilizo para realizar mis trabajos suelen ser de origen industrial, mallas de diferente composición, acero inoxidable, fibra de vidrio, níquel, nailon, latón. Estas mallas presentan estructuras reticulares y geométricas que albergan en su superficie la repetición del motivo y organizan el espacio con su particular configuración, dotando a éste de un gran contenido rítmico. La repetición a veces queda levemente sugerida debido a la manipulación de estos tejidos y a la incorporación de otros materiales como la pintura y el papel. Cuando utilizo el código fuente de la propia imagen, lo hago de diferentes maneras, a veces como algo ornamental, otras veces como si fuese una caligrafía ininteligible que guarda un secreto a descifrar y también como un simple recurso más que me ofrece la tecnología digital. Siento predilección por los monocromáticos, el arte efímero, la poesía, la música, los materiales industriales, la geometría, los puntos de intersección y las retículas, cosas que influyen y son usadas en mayor o menor medida en todos mis trabajos.

REMEMBRANCE OF COLOR: a living space

(Traducido por Google) The natural thing is not what happens every day in front of us. The most natural and true is what is hidden, what the naked eye can not see. If we look at the real facts of all things natural, we can develop our critical and draw our own conclusions, which are [...]

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White on White

White moment as a woman on the balcony all wrapped in a white blanket for years . A large pale face and deep brown eyes , full of water , staring helplessly at a three year old girl . The suspended time and white , just a slight smile, a hand gesture , almost imperceptible. [...]

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An industrial landscape (text Canogar Diego)

(Traducido por Google) From line and geometry used to establish their grids. Canogar Diego presents, in this solo show to The Art Gayo, pieces of corrugated iron shells or skeletons mode whose presence takes on a new organicity within his usual aesthetic language. In the construction of large rock pieces like rock air, and cropolito, [...]

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Text to Aitor Zubillaga.

(Traducido por Google) Aitor Zubillaga presents this time the interior lights parts I, II and III, created with materials collected in your environment, then cleverly mixed with castings. Wood and bronze works above acquire deeper meanings of value and intensity with unsuspected nuances that highlight the extremes, attract our attention and evoke many memories. Zubillaga [...]

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CODE-I-FACT (text to Antonio Alvarado)

(Traducido po Google) "A medium is not safe, do not expect anyone to use to define its direction, which, in one form or another, is part of its essence from the moment it exists. Their existence beyond the application you may receive later has been determined by the characteristics of the person who produced, sensitivity [...]

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A world of its own

(Traducido por Google) When Leonardo da Vinci, referring to the painting, said it was a mental issue, was definitely in front of a painting by a child. In contemplating the paintings done by them, we wonder if they actually see his eyes or see to the brain. Visual communication that convey their amazing, fantastic and [...]

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The decontextualization in the artwork

(Traducido por Google) Contents: Chapter One: 1. Decontextualisation / 1.2. Dictionary definitions / 1.3. The art towards decontextualization / 1.4. Decontextualized works. Chapter Two: 2. Duchamp. The fierce chess / 2.1. The inspiration apprentice / 2.2. Art as idea. Chapter Three: 3. Malevich. The cubo-futurism / 3.1. Birth alogismo / 3.2. Cubist work versus cow [...]

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Brief Notes on Sculpture

(Traducido por Google) The perception of space and time implications has always been one of the recurring areas for reflection. Since the emergence of cyber spaces, traditional notions have faltered leading to new techniques also proposed. These spatial problems, would be constituted as a place to reflect on the built environment and imagined spaces. No [...]

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Tensions on the surface (Notes on Antonia Valero’s work)

Text for the exhibition Tensions on the surface. (Work) Only naming limit as such, placing ourselves in it, the map of confusion can be drawn in analogies’ fogAntonio Monegal  Antonia Valero’s plastic work is ambiguous in its surface: open wounds, sawn wounds, overlapped surfaces, subtle prints, pumping volumes, austere chromatics, unreadable signs… The germ of [...]

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"When there is no consciousness otherness. So the first thing that I realized is otherness, and this were the contours of my mother's hands on me, the heat source and the food coming." Artists: Inés Azagra, Lidia Benavides, Francisco Carpio, Bethlehem Cueto, Margarita Gonzalez, Insua Lila, Maria Iñigo Clavo, Jaime de la Jara, Miguel Angel [...]

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