Banished children of Eve

Showroom Juan Carlos I. San Fernando de Henares, Madrid. No identity, is my tribute to the missing children, the book "The exiled daughters of Eve" by Consuelo G. del Cid and all the research conducted so far. 36 x 26 x 16 cm Box, black belt, black silk paper, black paint, silver paint, bronze cross, [...]

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Let me do another place

Time stopped. Soft and smooth to design my space, matter yellow lights fill the room and hold my breath. Already a butterfly. We are nothing, I do not decorate my life with false poems, because we are nothing. However I bear in my every dream world. A.V. Antonia Valero Title: Time stopped Technique: digital photograph [...]

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3ª Edición Irreconciliables: ‘surPoemas underFilm’

surPoemas underFilm. Dos palabras, tres idiomas y una referencia tanto al surrealismo [sur 'sobre', en francés] como a la cultura underground [under `por debajo', en inglés]: lo que transita sobre el poema, bajo la filmación. Sur también hace referencia a un área geográfica determinada pues la poesía -que nunca ha perdido el norte-, siempre tuvo [...]

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PEMASA garage. Maelström Association. Madrid Exhibition: IN / VISIBLE Titles works: Cantata, Duet, Mocosuela, Passacaglia. Text Artists: Toni Crabb, Cristina Gómez Barrio. Peace Santos, G. Johanna Speidel, Antonia Valero.

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"When there is no consciousness otherness. So the first thing that I realized is otherness, and this were the contours of my mother's hands on me, the heat source and the food coming." Artists: Inés Azagra, Lidia Benavides, Francisco Carpio, Bethlehem Cueto, Margarita Gonzalez, Insua Lila, Maria Iñigo Clavo, Jaime de la Jara, Miguel Angel [...]

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Espacios de Origen

It all started during that time of year when the grass is juicy and filling. At first it appeared only as an embryo swimming in the bag of waters, gradually growing. The ideas resulted in highly compromised situations. Later we feel that our ideas were taking shape. But not before we decided to stop traveling. [...]

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When Dawn

In memory of: Javier de las Heras And Juan Carlos Rodríguez Matabuena Death does not rob us of loved ones. On the contrary, saves us and we all immortalized in the memory. Life itself robs us often and finally. FRANÇOIS MAURIAC

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Other Ways

March 25, 2000/38 ABC CULTURAL Other Ways  C. Pallarés Works of Eduardo Bonati, Pablo Marquez, Pablo Peinado, Luisa Rojo and Antonia Valero on exhibit titled A otherwise. This name reminds us to Michel Tapie and his An art another, appeared in the fifties and where to Dada enthroned as first true great revolution in the history of [...]

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