Juan Barjola Exhibition Hall. Las Rozas (Madrid). March 2011. Text

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White on white

The exhibition consisted of thirty-two works by Antonia Valero and the film "not out" of Antonio Artero White on white. Four hundred fifty catalogs with original drawing, in each of them, Antonia Valero were published. Text Text Review

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My Beloved

Journal of Pozuelo. Jesus Gironés journalist. Responsible Exhibition The Forum Pozuelo. I had time to buy snuff, but I did not care, because in addition had no money and certainly at the opening of Antonia Valero in The Forum was getting any cigarettes. I arrived with tongue out, and I thought my withdrawal I was [...]

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Tensions on the surface. CARLOS DELGADO MAYORDOMO (English translation by Lidia Estan)

(Notes on Antonia Valero’s work) Only naming limit as such, placing ourselves in it, the map of confusion can be drawn in analogies’ fog. Antonio Monegal Antonia Valero’s plastic work is ambiguous in its surface: open wounds, sawn wounds, overlapped surfaces, subtle prints, pumping volumes, austere chromatics, unreadable signs… The germ of these tensions is [...]

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Natura de Amore. Arteara. Madrid 1997

Galería Arteara. Madrid 1997 Titles of works exhibited: Presto agitato. Trembling. Flame of love. Cascada. Pendulum. Spasm. Rise. Brisa. Crucible. Balsam. Imprint. Allegretto. Serafin. Manantial. I walk. Pálpito. Fuga. Concordance. Angelorum. Senda. Term. Stigma. Halo. Solution. Path. Albor. Penumbra. Memory. Plain. Convergence. Linde. Hint. Summit. Cima. Deterrence. Rumor. Broken. Absence. Flight. Dehiscence. Valle. Smoke. Shooting. Páramo. [...]

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Living Water. Ávila 1996

I see an order in nature, compose, study relations that correspond to large receding lines and project to me. I see relations established between the empty space and full space, see how everything is linked together without losing the individual character of each item and then return to wholeness and so on of all individuality; [...]

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