El Gayo Arte. Madrid 1996

The Gayo Art. Madrid 1996 THE ART Gallery GAYO. Madrid Our eyes will fill the gaps left by the conquest of science, revealing other deeper values return to primitive thought, a gesture, our own gesture, except as defined as rational, but able to specify a different picture of the world. Titles of the works: Filtration. [...]

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Medina-Magerit. Madrid 1995

Medina-Magerit. Madrid 1995 Scars of Painting M. R. "He formed the earth and saliva a hole, the only one able to hold out the light" (José Ángel Valente: The god of the place) Painting as a breathing exercise is the proposal of Antonia Valero to tour their work without getting lost. From the darkness of [...]

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Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies. Madrid 1993

THE BLINDS OF ANTONIA VALERO.  Antonio Zarco Lattice: Lattice of louvers that is placed on windows for people who are on the inside can see without being seen. (Dictionary of the Spanish Language Joseph Alemany.) The above definition lattice the dictionary already contains in itself enough to try to penetrate some of the [...]

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Cultural Hall. Usera. Madrid

Alfredo Coll. Madrid 1985 Toña remarkable success of Valero on his first adventure with color; tapizando colors shapes, with the exact same ease with which the dew point takes the essence of moisture every morning to park flowers. It seems impossible now, watch as their irrepressible force may arise as beautiful proportions and perspectives of [...]

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