Overlays “is the title of the show that Antonia Valero presented in The Little Gallery . A poetic full of subtleties and formal searches allowing you to realize your own , emotional and enigmatic universe . Utilizing industrial crosslinked materials such as nylon, lycra , etc … creates complex works from minimalist assumptions. Subtle light and dark , that contain thoughts , feelings, overlapping realities .

Works in almost monochromatic black , white, red enclosing a multitude of tonal nuance and texture . Materials used varied with the desire to give them a different state. Sensory : the appearance of reality is but a first plane that contains many other artist tries to materialize .

” The juxtaposition , overlapping , transparency , accumulating, the geometric and the organic, the opposites are the objects of work . Choosing materials, different qualities , the influence of light on them, the light itself that hide and emanating , the intersections of the various light beams , and different treatments, are themselves aesthetic works. plastics is the result of a transparent , orderly and clean “work , polyvalent meaning.

A challenge for the viewer, who must make an effort to unravel the work quietly observing , in which the artist creates different spaces to the usual , intended not from rationality but from the deep intuition of the spiritualization of the human. Spaces plastic beauty that draw on everyday reality, but the creative freedom of the artist, his constant search and learning of its existence and its task.

The work of Antonia Valero is contradictorily baroque and lyrical in its minimalism. It makes us think of works by artists as Manolo Millares, but in this case it is provided parts of lightness and precision.

The Small Gallery , street Villalar, 3-5. Until June 30

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